Panel Discussion - Profiling and optimization

Day 2 / 17:15  / Track 1  / Lang: RU

The session will have a BoF format, or, in other words, panel discussion between the performance experts. Besides the questions from the audience, the specialists will dwell on methodology from different sides of the process: both particular applications optimization, as well as platform level and runtime.

During the discussion the participants will have an opportunity to pass their notes with questions or to send them online with a special hashtag #jokerconf_perf_bof.

Aleksey Shipilev

Aleksey Shipilev, Red Hat


Aleksey is working on Java performance for 10+ years. Today he is employed by Red Hat, where he does OpenJDK development and performance work. Aleksey develops and maintains a number of OpenJDK subprojects, including JMH, JOL, and JCStress. He is also an active participant in expert groups and communities dealing with performance and concurrency. Prior joining Red Hat, Aleksey was working on Apache Harmony at Intel, then moved to Sun Microsystems, which was later consumed by Oracle.

Andrei Pangin

Andrei Pangin, Odnoklassniki


Andrei Pangin is the lead software engineer at Odnoklassniki, specializing in distributed systems and high-loaded server development. He previously worked on HotSpot Virtual Machine at Oracle where he gained the expertise in JVM internals and low-level system programming. Andrei is fond of sharing knowledge about unfamiliar OpenJDK and HotSpot JVM features. He authors one-nio project on GitHub — the framework for developing high-performant servers in Java.

Vladimir Sitnikov

Vladimir Sitnikov, NetCracker

Vladimir has been working on performance and scalability of NetCracker platform (A software used by telecom operators for automatization of network management processes and network equipment) for ten years. His focus is Java and Oracle Database performance optimisations. Vladimir is an author of more than a dozen of performance improvements in the official PostgreSQL JDBC driver.

Gleb Smirnov

Gleb Smirnov, Plumbr


Gleb specializes in developing highly performant fault-tolerant systems, including high frequency trading platforms. In his spare time, Gleb likes to dabble in the sources of OpenJDK and doing various horrible perversions with the JVM.\r\n\r\nFor the last two years, Gleb has been working at Plumbr on a state-of-the-art APM solution.

Volker Simonis

Volker Simonis, SAP


Volker Simonis works in the SAP JVM Technology group for more than 10 years. He is an OpenJDK contributor from the very beginning and helped the SAP JVM team engage in the OpenJDK project. He's the project lead of the OpenJDK PowerPC/AIX and s390x porting projects and a JDK 8/9 reviewer. He also represents SAP in the Executive Committee of the Java Community Process.