Profilers are lying hobbitses

День 1 / 15:30  / Зал 1  / Язык: EN

Everybody hates a lying hobbit... But are profilers broken or are we naive in our expectations?

In this talk we will re-visit some broken assumptions and try and get to grips with the limitations of our tools. We'll cover:

  • Fiction of instruction level profiling
  • Skid & PEBS
  • Safepoint bias, theory and practice
  • JMC blindspots, theory and practice
  • Honest-Profiler vs. Async-Profiler
  • Profilers vs. Inlining and Inlining vs. Programmer
  • Profilers vs. Multi-threading

Nitsan Wakart

Nitsan Wakart, TTNR Labs


A coder with a pedantic passion for performance. His work has spanned army intelligence systems, era startups, financial institutions and innovative product companies. Also a blogger and active Open Source developer (importantly JCTools but a modest contributor to RxJava/Netty/Akka and others as well). When not plotting world domination, Nitsan enjoys pinnacoladas and getting caught in the rain.

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