Building a Smart Security Camera with Raspberry Pi Zero, Java and AWS

День 1 / 18:30  / Зал 1  / Язык: EN

In this talk Mark will share how he transformed a lowly Raspberry Pi Zero W webcam into a smart security camera (with motion detection, threat analysis and alert notifications) by combining open source software with cloud based image analysis. Attendees can expect a short explanation of how to set up their own motion activated webcam and a demonstration of how they can use Java and a range of AWS Services (including Rekognition, Lambda Functions and Step Functions) to help their camera distinguish between an unwanted guest and the neighbour’s cat. Finally we'll compare Node.js and Java versions of this solution and compare them in terms of execution speed, operating cost and ease of development.

Mark West

Mark West, Bouvet


Originally from the UK, Mark is now based in Oslo where he works as a manager at Bouvet, a Norwegian IT Consultancy. He is an avid Maker and IoT hobbyist, and has far too many projects currently in progress. In what is left of his spare time Mark is involved in javaBin (the Norwegian JUG) where he helps organise community events such as JavaZone and JavaZone Kids. He has spoken at numerous conferences and in 2015 received the JavaOne Rockstar award for his talk about JavaScript powered robotics.

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