Text editors are not Further Maths, you've got to use your head

Day 1 / 15:30  / Track 4  / Lang: RU

Modern text editors are not only able to beep and not let you out of the program. They appear to have a very complicated metabolism. Being part of the development of the best (among other things) text editor, we'll tell you:

  • which data structures are used in different editors for text storage;
  • what kind of magic is used to recalculate coordinates fast;
  • how do we add and update styles, foldings and softwraps;
  • how do functional data structures and priority queues come into the picture;
  • how to take advantage of users.

Alexey Kudravtsev

Alexey Kudravtsev, JetBrains

Окончил математико-механический факультет СПбГУ. В JetBrains занимается программированием IntelliJ IDEA лет 10.