RESTful Data Services with LinkRest : From fixed resources to dynamic graphs

Day 1 / 15:30  / Track 3  / Lang: RU

LinkRest is a small HTTP-based protocol and a Java framework that rethinks how REST APIs should be built and consumed. It turns each API endpoint into a graph query engine, giving the client full control over the shape and contents of the requested data sets, while the server controls query strategy and security. The talk will start with the easy parts — how to reuse an existing Apache Cayenne ORM model for the REST service and write simple Java one-liners to get it up and running. Then we will delve into alternative backends, graph access security and parallel data processing.

Andrus Adamchik

Andrus Adamchik, ObjectStyle LLC


Andrus is a passionate open source developer and an ex-VP of the Apache Software Foundation. He started programming in Java back in 1998, founding a number of open source projects since then. It all started with "Apache Cayenne", a thoroughly unconventional ORM. More recently he created "LinkRest", a framework for model-driven REST data services, and "Bootique", a minimally-opinionated technology for building runnable Java applications. In his day job Andrus is an IT entrepreneur, running a great software company called "ObjectStyle".