Logging in the age of Microservices and the Cloud

Day 1 / 13:45  / Track 3  / Lang: EN

The days of the statically partitioned datacenter are over. Welcome to the modern world of microservices and auto-scaling in the cloud. Requests flow through multiple services, individual services are auto-scaled and machines are short-lived.

This is a brave new world and it is time to change the way we design and architect our software to better deal with it. In this talk we'll look at logging and we'll take a deep dive into the challenges involved into moving from the old "SSH and tail -f" world to a world of centralized and structured logs, consumable both by humans and machines.

This session is for developers and architects looking for battle-tested solutions to implement effective logging for microservices in an auto-scaling world.

Axel Fontaine

Axel Fontaine, Boxfuse GmbH


Axel Fontaine is the founder and CEO of Boxfuse, the easiest way to deploy JVM, Node.js and Go applications to AWS. Axel is also the creator and project lead of Flyway, an open-source tool that makes database migration easy. He is a Continuous Delivery and Immutable Infrastructure expert, a Java Champion, a JavaOne Rockstar and a regular speaker at many large international conferences including JavaOne, Devoxx, Jfokus, JavaZone, QCon, JAX, etc.