Java 9 Modules. Why not OSGi?

Day 1 / 13:45  / Track 2  / Lang: RU

Modules will inevitably appear in Java 9. Some people are little worried about it, some are scared, and some genuinely perplexed: why do we need them, if we have OSGi for more than 15 years that solves exactly the same problems as Java 9 modules?

In this talk we will attempt to understand what problems OSGi tries to solve, how does it solve them and does it at all. Then we will understand what problems Jigsaw does not solve that OSGi tries to, and why, and what problems are solved by Jigsaw and how. Finally, we will talk about what problems Jigsaw brings to the Java ecosystem and how do we have to deal with them.;

Nikita Lipsky

Nikita Lipsky, Excelsior LLC


Nikita is the initiator and product lead of Excelsior JET project – certified Java SE implementation with AOT compiler developed by Excelsior LLC. Working on the project since 1997 he took part in almost every activity of the project from the JVM core to product management and support. In particular, he is the author of OSGi support at the JVM level in Excelsior JET, Java Runtime Slim-Down technology (Java SE modularization implemented in Excelsior JET since 2007), both Java bytecode verifiers and many others.