Spring 5. Reactor inside

Day 2 / 14:00  / Lang: RU

The number of mobile clients is growing, the load dynamics on the same service at different times is becoming unpredictable. One slashdotting and your production is down, you won't even be able to scale it. The end user wants to see a responsive app or website that doesn't slow down even with a highload and slow data sources. At the very moment when you've optimized everything you can, but there are still some problems left, it's worth looking at reactive streams and the ecosystem. The next Spring version is being released, it includes many things to help you to create reactive microservices in a convenient and usual way (through the variety of annotations :slightly_smiling_face: ). We'll see how Project Reactor was integrated and what are the perks in here for a developer. We'll take a simple synchronous system from a couple of services and databases, we'll solve its problems step by step using reactive approaches. We'll try to figure out how it all works together and how we use streams in various situations. This talk will be interesting for those who either have never tried to write reactive services in Java, or haven't tried Spring 5/Reactor yet, or use it all but do not totally understand how it works.

Maxim Gorelikov

Maxim Gorelikov, Alpha-Laboratory


Developer at Alfa-Bank. Is working on API development for mobile apps and security layers. Basically, uses Spring and Netflix ecosystem, but checks out everything that is worth trying on GitHub. Is experimenting with reactive approaches, a couple of experiments got to the production level. Wants to understand not only his apps but also everything around them, thus he is working with all the infrastructure (logs, CI/CD, orchestration). To sum up, DevOps is our everything.