Graal, Value Types, Loom and other perks: what it is and why you need it

Day 2 / 15:45  / Track 2  / Lang: RU

This talk will quickly summarize last year in Java (Java 9 release, Java 10, new release cycle) before moving on to the main development directions for OpenJDK: Graal/Truffle, Value Types, Amber, Loom, Shenandoah. It will be useful for developers who want to get a big picture of the "battlefield for the new, modern and rapidly evolving Java".

Oleg Chirukhin

Oleg Chirukhin, Group


Oleg works on enterprise Java web apps for 9 years already, his primary specialization is E-Government information systems. Today he is employed by Group where he works in the marketing department promoting conferences.

Oleg used to work at Sberbank Technology where he was into architectural problems and research in the field of automated business process management systems. Before that Oleg was working on (central e-government portal in Russia), Integrated Electronic Medical Record (central medical portal), the IUPAT Integrated Member Services information system, Flussonic streaming media server, and the infrastructure for JVM-based programming languages for the StarView operational intelligence platform.