Event Sourcing and CQRS by example

Day 2 / 15:45  / Track 4  / Lang: RU

What is Event Sourcing and why CQRS? Everyone has heard a lot of words about these two paradigms and it's time to see how it can be done and how we can jump onto Event Sourcing train. This talk will explain the decision to get into Event Sourcing and CQRS and will provide a small example showing how it works with PostgreSQL and ElasticSearch.

Anuar Nurmakanov

Anuar Nurmakanov, EPAM Systems


Works as a software engineer in EPAM Systems Kazakhstan. He is said to have a purple belt in team leading and project delivery, a brown belt in Java and XP practices and a blue belt in software architecture. Strives to Kaizen and Agile way of thinking, though it's not that easy.